Welcome to Desire!

 An important part of cultivating radiance is connecting you with your desire.  Desire is a way to tap into your deepest intuition and divine callings.  On this page, I have listed some of my desires for inspiration.  

As you read each desire below, form an awareness around each desire.  How do you feel about it? What is your reaction to it?  

  • Is it a clear"Yes, yes, yes, I want that, it sounds great, I wanna have it" kinda feeling?
  • Is it a "NO way do I want that --  it's the last thing in the world I would ever consider"  sorta feeling?
  • Is it a "Wow! That's different! Not sure how I feel about it, but hey, maybe somewhere someday" kinda feeling???
  • Or maybe a "Yikes, that one sounds really intriguing, but maybe also a little bit scary, and boy would I have to be brave to try that one out, but golly would I hold the candle for anyone else who decided to go for it!" kinda reaction??

Your reactions to each of the desires listed below are a reflection of who you are, what you long for, what you prefer, what you are hiding from, and how willing you are to expand.

I invite you to start a list of desires and add a minimum of three new desires to it each day.  I use the back of my journal.  I just turn it over and write from the back page moving forward, so that I can keep adding to the list of my desires.

I learned about the deep importance of desire from one of my dear teachers, Regina Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena).  Here's what she says in her book, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts about the importance of desire:

"Our desires are the best things about us.  Surrendering to them gives each of us access to a life of endless adventure, possibility, and expanding joy.  The absence of [desire] is the absence of life itself."  

Allow this page to inspire you to connect with your own experience of desire and discover for yourself...

"What do you desire?"

  • I desire to be a channel of clarity and divine wisdom in moments when my precious daughter gets lost in self hate and self loathing. I long to be her guide back to self-love, self-respect and empowerment.
  • Financial freedom for my husband and me to dance through life arm-in-arm pursuing our creative, spiritual, cultural, and philanthropic desires with zest, passion, romance, and freedom.
  • A new luxury car with three-rows to transport a gaggle of children while listening through an amazing stereo to fun dance and groove music.
  • Have an expansion of sexual pleasure that allows me to have multiple orgasms through the touch of my husband's delicious fingers.
  • Time and space every day to breathe, write, listen, dance, be.
  • Weekends with my family filled with wholesome togetherness, laughter, and connection.
  • Effortless celebrations in my home with small groups of friends and family coming together to enjoy food, drink, laughter, fun, connection, reverie, and love.
  • Dancing -- I want to dance every day and discover the form of dance that seems to be wanting to be played out of me... I want to continue exploring yoga, nia, ballroom, pole-dancing, and whatever else comes my way.
  • I want to teach spiritual enlightenment again -- somehow, some way that is authentic and natural for me -- that allows my natural rhythms of creativity and need for rest to be honored.
  • Be free of my fear of earning money again -- release the fear that owning a business eats me up, consumes me, and brings too much masculine energy to my life. And if I were free of this fear, I might then get around to sharing my light once again.
  • I want to be a model of self-love, self-awareness, and feminine joy for my daughters.
  • I need to dance every day.  Every. Single. Day.
  • I desire really good funny movies that make me barrel over in laughter.  Movies like Something About MaryFletchWedding Crashers, and Bridesmaids
  • I want a thick juicy, bright pink, nice-n-salty steak, with a nice crusty sear on the outside.  And don't forget the fresh horseradish... Yummmmmm....
  • I long to live my life feeling RADIANT and FILLED WITH LOVE.. when I am that, all else is pretty much perfect.
  • I long to be thin, healthy, active, and feeling deeply connected to my amazing body.
  • I pray for patience, kindness, and pure understanding at every moment with my daughters, particularly in times when one of them is upset, hurting, fearful, or stressed.
  • I long to grow every day in light.
  • I long to explore my feminine being and allow myself to shine at ever expansive levels from a place of pure love and radiance.
  • I want to return every year to St. John's Caneel Bay where we can unplug, embrace nature, feel seduced, and be pampered.
  • I desire financial freedom for me and my family.
  • I desire financial freedom for my husband giving him a feeling of peace and ease and a release of pressure to earn money in a way that drains him.
  • I desire an inspiring and effortless method of manifesting wealth to my family.
  • I wish to write and publish a book guided by my inner wisdom that will bring light to every person who reads it.
  • I long to feel a deep sense of empowerment in my relationship with money -- that I may feel radiant about every financial decision I make.
  • I long to feel unafraid of becoming the seductress and temptress with my husband.  I long to feel unwavering desire that manifests as me dancing for him in beautiful lingerie inviting us both to ever higher levels of connection, pleasure, and ecstasy.
  • I wish to feel turned on every day all day.  :-)
  • I desire to build and follow a budget that allows us to live within Frank's salary (after taxes) and without needing to touch his annual bonus, so that we can invest every golden drop of his bonus toward our financial freedom.
  • I desire to build Pearl a fairy house filled with delight and magic, and that it may become a beautiful way for she and I to create and connect together.
  • I desire to learn every day new ways to expand my palate of pleasure, so that I may naturally ween myself of over-indulging in food and spending.
  • I desire to feed my body movement -- like yoga, nia, or dancing -- every day.
  • I want to be abundantly paid to be on a long, lasting rich and wonderful journey following my souls call to radiance.
  • I long to be the fertile soil that infuses and inspires my daughters to love themselves, respect themselves, and honor their sacred gifts and powers.
  • I desire to live every day connected to my soul's journey.
  • I desire to lead women and girls on adventures that allow them to live from their radiance.
  • I desire to take a group of women to Spain to do the Camino De Santiago.
  • I desire to host a group of five women at my cottage on Bantam Lake to lead them through a journey of owning their radiance.  A retreat that would include deep spiritual work finding clarity of one's desires, one's gifts, and an inspiring next step to launch right away.  It would include sunset cruises on our boat, yoga on paddleboards, massage work, beautiful organic food, and much, much more.
  • I desire a rich, heartfelt, and wholesome summer at our lake home where we connect with the natural beauty around us, share in intimate fireside moments with dear friends, feel the rush of excitement speeding around on the ski boat, nibbling fish tacos on the pontoon boat at sunset, and feeling deeply restored and renewed by the summer sun.
  • I desire maintaining a deep and loving relationship with my body where I listen to her daily, feed her healthy foods, give her pleasurable exercise that invigorates her, and honor her by living in a way that keeps my stress to a minimum and my ecstasy and gratitude at a maximum.
  • I desire knowing that I am brilliant with our money, that I care for it with tender, focused love, and that I am nurturing it daily with warmth and love, so that it will provide an endless bounty for our family.
  • I desire a day when my husband and I can take a six-month journey around the world, visiting every continent, learning about new cultures, and following our heart's desire.
  • I long for the day when my husband feels free to retire and start a project that comes from his heart.  It will give me great pleasure to see his love demonstrated in a creation in the world.  I will feel grateful that together we have achieved the financial freedom needed for him to shine his light in whatever way he is called to shine it.