Join me for 100 days of seduction, sensuality, self-reflection, to discover what it is that makes you

f e e l     r a d i a n t !

 come alive... feel blessed... make love... tear down walls... build forts... wrap yourself in joy... sip healing tea... cry a river... stop pretending... light candles... create rituals... learn magic... write a letter... dance your heartbeat... discover your light... fan your inner flames... console a friend... adore your babies... hear your soul... speak truth... giggle with children... bake bread... be naked...

Join me in 100 days of discovering your own rapture.


Here's how the 100-Day Radiance Journey works:

  1. I will provide a collection of 100 exercises and questions on the "Journey" page to help you get at the heart of what fills your heart with love, and a yearning to spread your love and light to all.  
  2. Reflect and journal for 10 minutes or more on whatever insights, wisdom, and even frustrations that surface at the thought of the question.
  3. Decide to take one action each day that will ignite your radiance.  See the "Sparks" page for ideas and suggestions. They are all fun and exciting! Why stop at just one??
  4. Ongoing Daily Practice:  Write a list of at least three desires. In addition to the 100 exercises, I encourage you to start a list of desires, and add to that list every day.  See the "Desires" page for ideas and inspiration.
  5. RADIANT CHALLENGE (Optional) - If you want to expand your experience of radiance, I invite you to post here my website your thoughts and reflections on the daily question, and share the action you choose to take to ignite your radiance.

While I say "100 Days," your journey can expand or contract into whatever time-frame honors you.  At times, you may feel that you want to connect with two or three of the exercises at a time.  At other times, you might need a week or even a month to process a "day" along this journey.  Whatever best serves you is, of course, always best.

What's On Each Page?

There are seven pages on this website, and each is designed to support you in the optimal way:

  1. Journey - Here is where you will find the 100 exercises and questions for your journey.  I recommend starting with entry #1 and proceeding chronologically from there, but by all means, follow your heart's impulses and skip around if you are so inclined.
  2. Ramblings - This is my own personal wanderings in search of Radiance.  I will share my own challenges, revelations, stories, and ah-has.
  3. Details - Here you are now on the "Begin," page.  It is here to provide instruction about how to use for your own journey.
  4. Desires - An important part of cultivating your own radiance is connecting you with desire.  Desire is a way to tap into your deepest intuition and divine callings.  On this page, I will list all sorts of desires, some of which are my own, and some belong to others.  Allow this page to inspire you to connect with your own experience of desire and discover for yourself, "What do you desire?"
  5. Sparks - Here you will find a list of quick, fun, quirky, sexy, crazy, soulful, loving, sensual, healing, empowering actions you can take to ignite the feeling of radiance in you.