#1 - Hear The Voice Of Your Radiance

You are invited to take a journey inside...

Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply into the depths of your heart, and let yourself connect with the stillness inside.

Imagine now that you can float down inside yourself to a wellspring of loving light.  A place where light bubbles up like water from a natural spring.  Take a moment to hear the sound of it.  Feel the warmth of it.  Even imagine what this wellspring of light smells like.  

Allow yourself to know that from this wellspring of light, you can connect to your power, radiance, sensuality, and joy.  From this wellspring, you are free to soften and become supple to life unfolding around you.  From this wellspring, you are in connection with the light of the universe and all Her wisdom.

Breathe that in.

Affirm for yourself that it is safe for you to be in connection with this light.  Breathe in knowing that this light will give you the energy, healing, and wisdom needed to open your life to greater levels of love and radiance.

And now, allow yourself to take a deep breath and step into this bubbling light-filled pool, this wellspring of light.  Allow yourself to feel what it feels like for your skin to be in direct loving contact with the healing waters of this light.  Allow those waters to penetrate to the depths of your body, your mind, and your being.

As you continue to breathe, allow yourself to bring this loving light energy into your heart.  With each breath in, allow the light to gently pour in.  With each breath out, allow that loving light energy to expand. Allow yourself to continue breathing in light for seven breaths allowing yourself to be filled fully with this delicious, sensuous, healing light.  

And now, with your heart glowing with light, take a breath and ask yourself:

What would be possible in my life if I felt this connection to light and love all the time?

Breathe deeply as you hear the wisdom flowing from withing.  Write down whatever comes.

And now ask yourself:

What can I do today to bring this light with me into my external world?

What is one simple action or practice I can impart today that will allow me to integrate this light into my life?

Now take a moment to breathe into your heart -- your powerfully radiant heart.  Let yourself feel gratitude for this incredibly wise part of you, and allow yourself to make the commitment to return to this wellspring of light on a regular basis.  

Now take a few moments to breathe and allow the majesty of your radiance, your wisdom, and your light to surround you as you find your way back to your day.