#2 - The Key To Your Radiance

Some days, I awake and radiance is my natural way of being.

I'm gently aware of every sound around me, I notice every drop of sunlight, and all I see is love in the eyes of those around me.  It is as though I am riding on a wave of bliss, connection, energy...  There is a magical feeling of peace, ease, and gratitude all around.  It is as if angels sprinkled divine light all around.  Love naturally flows from my heart.  Listening to others feels like a date with destiny, and wisdom flows from my lips like water from a river.

On days like these, feeling radiant is effortless.  Nothing is needed to support this connection.

But what about the days when my first thought doesn't reflect the beauty of God's hand on life?

On these days (and for me, these are the majority of days), I require a little help.  A little inspiration.  A little beacon-ing of the light from within.

Today, I have asked a spirit guide, a woman I call the Giver of Light to come visit me at my seat of inner stillness.  I've asked her to come and help me create a list of the many ways, when I feel disconnected from divine radiance, that I may nurture that connection once again.

I invite you to journey within alongside me...

With your eyes open, take a moment to stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Take a three deep cleansing breaths.  And speak out loud in a clear, strong voice, "My intention is to draw in divine light and love."  Breathe in this powerful intention.

Now you will surround yourself with light and love.  Take your hands and imagine that you are drawing love toward you from all around. Call love in from above toward your head.  Draw it in from the air toward your throat, chest, stomach, and pelvis.  Scoop up light and love from the energy beneath your feet, and bring that loving energy into your hips, thighs, calves and feet.  

Now take your loving, light-filled hands and place them gentle all over your body.  Place your hands anywhere your body feels tight or soar.  Place them anywhere that yearns for acceptance and love.  Place your healing hands anywhere your body longs to feel warmth and light. Breathe deeply and use this sacred time to give yourself the gift of loving light.

And now with your body covered with the light of your own love, gently guide your body to a seated position.  Take a few breaths, allow your eyes to close, and turn your awareness inside.  As you breathe, place your light-filled hands on your heart.  

With your hands on your heart, breath in seven deep breaths, allowing yourself to feel the light of your heart and your hands to expand in your being. With each breath, allow yourself to feel completely bathed in the light of love.  With each breath, allow yourself to surrender, deeper and deeper, inside.

And now imagine that you settling into a light-filled room, where everything in the room is sacred, healing, and touched with love.  Look around and feel the presence of this sacred space.  Notice the textures, the feelings, the temperature, the sounds of this magical place.

Notice any objects, images, or feelings that may be present.  Write down whatever you notice.

Take a moment to breathe in the majesty of this sacred space.  And on your next breath, imagine that you can see someone entering the room and walking to you through the light that surrounds you.  This is being is the keeper of your inner light.  Allow this being to approach you now. Take a moment to notice what this being looks like, what they are wearing, the way they move, and the expression on their face.  Take a moment to connect to the feeling in their eyes. 

Looking into the eyes of this light being, ask them...

Why have you come to me today? 

What is the wisdom you would like to offer me?

Breathe deeply as you write down whatever comes.

Again, look them in the eyes and ask them...

What can I do to nurture my connection to love and light this week?  Show me the many possible ways I could connect with light and love.

Breathe deeply as you allow yourself to listen and understand the many ways you can nurture your connection to love and light.  Write down whatever is there.

Take another deep, cleansing breath, and looking deeply into their eyes, feel the love they have in their heart for you.  Breathe in their love.  

And now feeling surrounded by the light of their love and wisdom, ask them...

What is the key to staying connected to my light?

What one thing, if focused on, will bring me greater connection to light in every moment of my life?

Trust whatever comes. Write it down.  And allow that wisdom to land.

And now, thank this light-filled being for coming to visit you today.  Thank them for sharing their loving light and giving you access to more love and light in moments of your life.

Breathe in the love and gratitude.

Now take a few moments to breathe and allow the majesty of your radiance, your wisdom, and your light to surround you as you find your way back to your day.


Here is what i discovered inside today...

My light-filled room was a room with very high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows with long white translucent shears blowing gently from the wind, and  sunlight pouring in from all around.  I found myself seated on a large golden tuffet resting on a fine oriental rug made of golden strands of light in an intricate mandala-like pattern on the floor.  

The air was warm, but there a gentle breeze, so my body felt totally relaxed and nurtured.  There was the scent of a natural beeswax candle filling the air.  And I could hear the sound of sweet chimes in the distance.

I noticed feeling totally at peace and ease.

My light-filled being, (I call her my Giver of Life) walked through two large french doors, surrounded by light.  She is tall -- nearly seven-feet it would seem -- and has long golden hair and bright green eyes.  She wears a long white silk gown, with a slit up to to her knee, and the plunging neckline reveals a full bosom.  She moves with unhurried, sensuous long steps.

She told me the reason she has come to me today is to remind me of my beauty.  She says that when I succumb to the seduction and fascination with beauty in all things, I am seduced into seeing the light of everything around me.  She says I trivialize beauty.  I make it wrong.  She is here to tell me it needs to be my priority, despite any resistance I feel.

Here's what she says I might do to nurture my connection to light and love...

  •  Write my husband a juicy love letter
  • Dance to Sheryl Crow's, "You Make Me Feel Love" in the mirror naked
  • Wear cashmere every day and affirm hourly what a sensuous treat it is
  • Drink hot ginger tea with honey made from organic ginger and local raw honey
  • Pray for light of the Goddess to enter my heart
  • Listen to one of my many inspiring recordings on Audible
  • Close my eyes and imagine that I am resting in the hands of God 
  • Snuggle with my sweet Pearl (my six-year-old) and let the sound of her saying, "Ma-maaaaaaaa!" land over me like the flutter of angels wings
  • Move slowly -- be late if you must -- but move like you have all the time in the world
  • Simply breathe, in and out, ten times
  • Let go of your to-do list 
  • Dress like Jackie-O
  • Make a playlist of dance music for Pearl and me
  • Connect to gratitude with Pearl every day
  • Place a hand on my heart, a hand on my belly and ask my body, "What do you need, beautiful body?"
  • Have a bath of love every day
  • Look into a friend's eyes and hear what is in her heart
  • Share a forgotten wish I once had with a friend
  • Read erotic poetry
  • Smell the fragrance of fresh sheets after they have been washed
  • Slather my feet with cocoa butter
  • Get a long, decadent pedicure with an extended foot massage
  • Try a new kind of dancing
  • Plan an erotic adventure with my husband
  • Dream about the romantic escape we have planned to St. John next week and plan a few surprises for him...

And the key for me, she said... Write every day. Like your life depends on it. It is the juice of your light. 

Ahhhhhh..... Letting it all in....

I'd love to hear your inner voice of light. Please post your reflections below...