#3 - A Circle of Radiance

I am blessed with dear, dear friends.  Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by amazing soul-connected people who warm me with their love, wisdom, laughter, and support.  I owe so much of my life to the many dear friends, teachers, and mentors who have been there to support the evolution of my life.

This morning I had breakfast with two dear women friends.  We meet together every few weeks for our "book club."  Our version of a book club anyway.  We read a personal growth book one chapter at a time.  We read a chapter and then meet to discuss how the wisdom of what we've read can support our lives.  It has become a delicious way for us to support one another.  We meet, we eat delicious food, we talk... and through that process we are healed, inspired, transformed, and loved.

I leave these breakfasts basking in radiance.  Their radiance. My radiance.  Our collective radiance.

I am recharged and ready for life anew.  

We have been doing these breakfasts regularly for about one year, and I can honestly tell you that this simple, regular connection has become a critical piece in my own recipe for living a happy, inspired, radiant life.

Without this connection with these three women, I feel my experience of radiance dwindle.  And when I come together in the loving circle of these fun, quirky, beautiful, human, radiant souls -- I feel I have found the nectar of life. It just heals me.

These women are part of the collection of about 20 individuals who make up my Circle of Radiance.  They are my collection of friends, mentors, healers, leaders, and guides that inspire the light in me.

Today in 100 Days of Radiance, I invite you to consider forming your own Circle of Radiance.


What is a Circle of Radiance?

A Circle of Radiance is a collection of people and guides who ignite the light in you.

For me, at any given time, my Circle of Radiance consists of... 

  • The two-to-four ladies I meet at bookclub

  • One or two self-development buddies

  • A few members of my family

  • A handful of other friends from my past and present

  • Two or three mentors, authors, or teachers I am studying or reading

  • A team of inner guides

All of these hold a different function and purpose. And all of these I will explain further below and over the next few days.

Over the next few days, I will support you in crafting your own Circle of Radiance.

To begin the process, we will cast a wide net to see all the many people who have lent their support or light to you in the past or present.  This will be a preliminary list of angels, as I call them, but not all of them will be in your Circle of Radiance.  

Over the next few days, you will find deeper clarity on which of your angels, plus anyone else, you might like to mindfully place in your Circle of Radiance.  After that, we will explore how best to utilize their presence in your life to bring forth the radiance in you.

This exercise will help you take the first step in locating within your heart the people who can best support you in helping you shine your light.  

I invite you to breathe into your heart as you contemplate this question... 

Who have been the angels of your life? 

Look at your life, past and present, and allow yourself to recall and remember the people who showed up, supported you, offered you love, or guided you to a better place? Who have been the friends, lovers, partners, teachers, leaders, mentors, and counselors who have made a difference in your life?  

Make a list of everyone that comes into your consciousness, even if some of the people bring up some resistance.  

Again, ask yourself...

Who have been the angels of your life?

Just honor and write down whomever comes into your awareness. Allow yourself everyone who has brought light, hope, strength, healing, wisdom, or direction to your life.  Who stood up for you? Who loved you? Who quietly cared for you? Who understood you?  Who told you the difficult truth? Who held your feet to the fire? Who made you laugh? Who held you when you cried? Who inspired you? Who made you feel important, special, beautiful?  

Just ask yourself...

Who have been the angels of your life?

Write down anyone else that comes into your consciousness.  And when you feel complete with the list, take your left hand, your feminine hand, and imagine filling it with the light of love from your heart.  Take your light-filled hand and send your love to the names written on the paper in front of you.  Read each name on your list aloud speak these words...

Thank you for your loving light.  

When you're ready, close your eyes breathe into your heart, and imagine all these people standing around you, shoulder to shoulder, in a loving circle that surrounds you.  Allow yourself to feel the love of these dear people.  Feel their loving light.  Breathe deeply and allow yourself to understand that these people have been here to support you.  They have delivered messages of wisdom, provided you with circumstances to birth your greatness, and surrounded you with the healing love you've needed to become the person you are today.    

Now just ask yourself...

What are the gifts these angels have planted in my heart?

Breathe deeply an allow yourself to see that each of these angels has passed along to you many gifts.  Write down each of those gifts sacred gifts.  See the gifts of their wisdom, kindness, protection, acceptance, healing, strength....

Breathe deeply and honor each of these gifts.  

Now allow yourself to see that each of these gifts were planted like seeds in your heart.  And with the love in your heart, these seeds have grown into a rich garden. Breathe deeply as you imagine each of these seeds growing and propagating into a beautiful, sacred garden.  

This garden represents you.

You are the sacred garden.  You are the beauty of the many seeds planted by all the angels in your life.  Take a moment to breathe in your beauty, breathe in your many gifts, and honor the angels who lovingly have helped you plant and nurture this garden.

Breathe deeply as you behold the radiant beauty of you.

Stay in this radiance for ten deep breaths, allowing that feeling of beauty, power, and radiance to expand.

And now allow yourself to once again connect with the faces of your angels, surrounding you.  Take a moment to thank and bless each of them.  

And when you feel complete, thank yourself for taking this time just for you. Take a few moments to breathe and allow the majesty of your radiance, your wisdom, and your light to surround you as you find your way back to your day.