Ode To My Thighs

Radiance spills out from me when I am aware of my own body, miracle.  It surfaces when I feel the sensuality of my being enjoying the sensations of this gift, my physical body.

Frank and I were in St. John a few weeks ago. It was amazing. Beyond amazing.  Four days of pure romance, bliss, beach, and being in our bodies.

He wrote me an "Ode To My Thighs" while we were lounging on our balcony overlooking the white silky sand and crystal blue water just feet away.  An ode to my thighs... Amazing. Often the part of me I criticize. Wish were different. Squeezing them up from behind my legs as I look at myself in the mirror, I deny the simple beauty of what is. 

Radiance is seeing the beauty.

My sweet husband reminded me of this....

Ode To My Love's Thighs

The thighs of a dancer
who flies through the air
supple and strong
willing to dare
soft as a baby's bottom
so pure
There is no resisting
their tempting allure
Upon them rest the power
of She
and all of the mystery
of a deep blue sea
I watch as she walks
with white sand in her toes
Those thighs will take her
where her heart wants her to go.
- Frank Sellman, April 2, 2015