Dear Breasts

Dear Breasts,

How lovely you are and have always been to me.  You blossomed early making me feel special and unique.  While you never grew large, I always enjoyed your perfect apricot size and rounded shape.  I've felt blessed to be able to wear every kind of shirt and dress, with you giving me the perfect shape and dimension.

Unlike other parts of my feminine body that I have struggled to love and accept, you have been my easy reminder of how beautiful I am.  You have given me confidence to shine and feel worthy.  Men have always loved you too.  It's always the area they complement and seem to feel a timeless sense of ecstacy as they nuzzle into them.

My husband, our dear Frank, loves you dearly.  I recall the first night we slept in the same bed, he rested his head on you, nuzzled into you and seemed to sink softly into a comfort and pleasure I knew in my heart he'd been missing a long, long time.  You were the drink of a long awaited thirst, quenching and replenishing him back to his manhood.

And a year later when our Pearl was born, you fed and nurtured her for nine months.  The miracle of feeling you fill with milk was something I cherished and resisted giving up.  Offering my Pearl the safe love of your juice allowed me feel the essence of being mother.

I love you dearly and do my best to care for you.  As you know, I sometimes worry about you with breast cancer in my family.  I carefully schedule you regularly for exams, mammograms, and ultrasounds.  I will always love and protect you.

Dearest breasts, thank you.  For your beauty, your sensuality, your nurturance, and even your healing.  I promise to continue to love, savor, caress, and massage you so that you may always feel pleasure, joy, rapture, and appreciation.