Welcome To "RAMBLINGS"

Dear Reader,

Ramblings is my own personal journey of meanderings in search of radiance.

I find that I enjoy the process of creating a journey for you and me to follow.  It is a part of my creative being that longs to shine -- the part of me who writes visualizations, reflections, and guided suggestions taking one into the depths of their being.  It's something I deeply enjoy and it keeps me somehow rooted in my own divinity to create "The Journey."

But I also have noticed my own need to reflect on my own process.  I long to also write in an unstructured way about what I'm experiencing, feeling, and tripping and falling over in my own life.  I want to share with you about my morning yoga class and by sharing it with you, seal in the moment's riches for myself.  I want to tell you about moments with my dear, precious daughters and how I long for gentleness, clarity, understanding with them... And how I sometimes find it, and how other times I fall flat on my face...  

I want to write both the instructions for a powerful Journey, and have a freedom to share whatever I'm discovering in life, regardless of whether it fits in the subject of the journey I'm sharing for cultivating Radiance within you and me.

Thus, I decided to create this separate page, which I am calling "RAMBLINGS," because it is just that -- ramblings of whatever is there as I walk through life.  Ramblings that as I hold them in my hands in the telling about them from you, will bring me (and also you) closer to that Light within.

Here on this page, I will share my vulnerability, my openness, my fears, my brilliance, my doubts, my power, my pain, my courage, my anger, and whatever else comes forward.

My openness might at times shock or surprise you.  Know that my ability to share what is within comes from twenty years of practice sharing what's there, so I've grown comfortable with what others (maybe even you) might be uncomfortable hearing. If this happens for you, please know that your discomfort, or questioning, or curiosity, or excitement -- whatever appears -- is your spirit's own invitation to look within.  Explore deeper.  Let it flow through you, and see what it's bringing up inside.

I've found that the more honest I am about speaking what makes me uncomfortable -- and sharing the "good" things about me can often times be way more uncomfortable than the "bad" things -- the more free I am to be truly myself.  

I hope you find my ramblings helpful in your journey.