Answering The Call To Greatness

Barbara Stanny explains in her book, Sacred Success, that the first step of answering your call to greatness is to clarify what you really, truly want.  Well here it is folks, here's what I want right now in this immediate path of building an empowered relationship with money...

·         I want to come out of my financial fog and  take bold actions to take responsibility for our finances –

o   I want to reduce our spending to a level that will allow us to save at least 50% of what comes in,  and feel empowered about these choices

o   I want to become aware of all of our investments and begin learning about whether I believe they are a good investment for us.  

o   I want to have an opinion about how and where to invest our money beyond what we are already doing.  I want to come to Frank with ideas and suggestions on a strategy.

·         I want to be in integrity with how I spend money –

o   I want to know with pristine clarity what is and is not okay for me to spend money

o   I want to follow a budget and know before I make a purchase whether that purchase is in our budget or not

o   I want to stop spending money in dis-empowering ways, for example, as a way to distract myself from something else going on in my life that needs attention; feed myself counterfeit pleasure; and to make other people like me or think I’m cool

o   I want to feel the joy and freedom of investing in those things that I deeply desire, and that will slake the thirst of my soul.

·         I want to see myself as a wealthmaker (my twist on rainmaker) – a capable business woman able to build a solvent, profitable business that brings light into the world

o   I want to open the door to seeing that I can earn money while sharing the gifts of my soul with the world

o   I want to shine my light in such a way that I can lead women by example into a new way of generating wealth that is grounded in wisdom, authentic leadership, and true service – versus the tendency to overwork and be busy, other people’s advice, the urgency to get clients, sell products, or be popular.

o   I want to follow the natural rhythms of my soul’s creativity, where quiet times and inconsistencies are allowed to exist – where the soul’s guidance is followed over the advice of business professionals giving you a recipe for more money, more clients, and more success. 

·          I want to be a model of financial enlightenment for my daughters

o   I long to be a good example of a person empowered by their money

o   I long to teach my daughter (and any other daughters) about how to be powerful in their choices in money and feel empowered to create wealth for themselves and for the world

o   I long to be that which I have expected my husband to be – a wise steward of wealth able to manifest plenty and care for it with love (my husband has actually been brilliant with this, but I'm learning that until I do it for myself, the need is not every truly satisfied)

o   I want to help other women find the same deeply satisfying pleasure of having their way with money – the money they have and the money they will surely manifest

o   I want to kick some serious financial butt – and do it while feeling radiant, feminine, glorious, and dressed in the 9’s